Male Hair Loss

Male Hair Loss

NeoGraft is the hair replacement solution for men of all ethnicities. Hair loss affects a huge population of men all around the world. There is no reason not to seek the best solutions, as today’s technology brought NeoGraft hair restoration to the forefront. Minimally invasive and virtually pain-free. In addition no linear scar and multiple treatment options.

NeoGraft is a major breakthrough because it allows for repeat treatments, which is important for men with male pattern baldness.

After NeoGraft Hair Transplant the grafted hair grows about 1/2 inch per month, much like natural “Hair Growth” sometimes faster and sometimes a bit slower. Each hair then grows 2 to 6 years, it remains at that length for a short period. The hair falls out and new hair grows in its place. In most cases the ratio of the growing hair and the hair that is not in growing phase is about 85% to 15%.

Male pattern baldness, is often diagnosed based on the appearance and pattern of the hair loss. Any male hair loss can also be due to medical conditions, which is why Dr. Monte Slater and Team carefully interview each patient and can combine BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy as well as PRP Treatment Options.

In the mid thirties two-thirds of American men ( different ethnic background) will have some degree of hair loss and by age 50 approximately 85% of men have extreme thinning hair. About 1/4  of all men who suffer from male pattern baldness loose hair prior to the age of 21.  Hair loss can affect every aspect of life;  relationships and often professional life causing unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Don’t let your hair loss affect your life quality. The solution starts with a phone call to Buckhead Hair Restoration!

Prevent Baldness with Neograft Hair Transplant

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