PHYSIQ Reshaping the Future of Non-invasive Body Treatments

PHYSIQ Reshaping the Future of Non-invasive Body Treatments

Dr. Monte Slater of Slater Aesthetics was one of the 1st Med-Spas in Georgia to offer PHYSIQ Body Contouring and is considered a Flag Ship Med-Spa in Atlanta. Dr. Slater stays on the cutting edge of aesthetics technology and is always one of the 1st Physicians when it comes to rolling out state-of-the-art USA & European developed Aesthetics Systems by Cartessa Aesthetics. Our team is delighted to offer yet another modality that is effective and nonsurgical in nature. Experience PHYSIQ the latest FDA approved Body Contouring system that uses a new technology called “STEP” (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse). The system allows for targeted fat reduction and muscle toning without pain or downtime. Treatments take less than an hour. PHYSIQ is exclusively offered at our Atlanta location.  Book your consultation today! Call 770-766-9684!

Step Technology - Physiq Body Contouring

What is STEP Technology?

Step technology combines electrical muscle stimulation & a super luminescent diode matrix to deliver energy pulses to the tissue and muscles through four separate applicators.  This means we can treat multiple areas at the same time. One of our staff members at our Atlanta office applies the applicators with gel pads and body bands for optimized comfort and effectively targets problem areas.

Quick Results, No Downtime

PHYSIQ’s unique system targets fat and stimulates muscles in the same session sequentially in order.  Optimal results are achieve in as little as 5 treatments. PHYSIQ is currently the only device on the market that utilizes STEP Technology (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse).

How does PHYSIQ work?
Our client Chris (52) shares his PHYSIQ experience.

The PHYSIQ Treatment

This treatment gives patients the ability to target two or more areas at the same time effectively. Whether you opt to treat arms and upper thighs, or waist line and abs, or choose the combination of flanks and abs you can’t go wrong. Our patients are given complete control so they are able to  fine-tune intensity levels during their treatment via a control button. One of our team members at Slater Aesthetics will apply the applicators necessary to treat the target areas. Each applicator’s size and design produce specific benefits. The smaller-sized applicators allow us to arrange them wherever we need them. The customizability is especially useful when targeting various areas of the body. Treatments are discreet because our staff members are not required in the room during treatments once the patient is set up. Patients are left to relax during the treatment and a call button makes it possible for the patient to get assistance if needed.  The treatment takes less than an hour, and intensity level is controlled by the patient for a better personal experience. Patients may experience a feeling of muscle fatigue and slight soreness afterward similar to the feeling after a vigorous workout.

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