Patient Vampire Facial Review!

Vampire FacialI actually write a lot of medical blogs as part of my job and used to be in the medical industry.

I really wanted to see what all that talk about Micro-needling and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) was all about. The experience was amazing and very effective. The needles are super tiny and do not hurt. The staff, (Nasha, Kibby, Cassie are wonderful), Dr. Monte Slater numbed my face with Numbing creme and drew my blood. The Platelet Rich Plasma was then separated from the rest of the blood. A centrifuge is used to do so. The PRP is yellow and sticky kind of like Egg Yolk and is the healing power in our body. While Micro needling my face they-applied PRP to my Face to allow it to seep into the tine holes. PRP has been used to heal injuries in elite athletes, (joints and various other chronic issues). It contains important growth factors. Slater Aesthetic uses PRP for Anti Aging and in conjunction with cosmetic procedures. It is also used in combination with Hair Transplant Procedures.

I was very curious to see if it indeed would make a difference as I had Micro Needling done before without the PRP. The biggest difference I can see is that my skin is still glowing and looking tighter 5 weeks later. My pores seem to be smaller as well and combined with the Anti-Glycation Skin Care, New Youth Skin Care is available online or at their office. I am looking younger now than 5 years ago. I really loved the way Dr. Monte Slater explained PRP and what it does when re-introduced into the skin. Micro-Needling does not damage the epidermis ( the outer layer of the skin at all). Love it and will repeat this in conjunction with Juvederm in the next few months. PRP can be injected right under the eyes to stimulate collagen production in that area. I will attach recent close up.
Thank you Dr. Slater and Team!