CSS/Alcat Labs: New Genetic Test Now Available – Methyl Detox Profile

Slater Aesthetic offers Alcat Testing for Food Allergies and more by simply testing via Blood Draw!


We are  excited to introduce our newest functional genetic testing profile

panel: The Methyl Detoxification Profile.

The Methyl Detox Profile components and pricing is located under the “Genomic Insights” section of the enclosed fee schedule.

Please review the enclosed information and contact if you are interested in offering this to your patients for their health and wellbeing.

Methyl Detox Profile Overview: (Genomic Insights Power Point – see attachment)

The Methylation-Detoxification Profile gives comprehensive insights into the functional status of the methylation pathway as it pertains to the Methionine/Homocysteine Cycle.

With more than 50% of patients being affected by genetic mutations in the methylation pathway, the standard MTHFR genotyping only evaluates folic acid metabolism.

The Methyl Detox Profile allows healthcare providers to target individual genetics with personalized interventions and monitor an individual’s progress.

Patient Test Results

Based upon the test results, a targeted treatment plan can be implemented thereby giving your patients the personalized supplementation needed.

The progress of your patient’s personalized therapy can be monitored by periodically checking the blood levels of homocysteine accordingly.

Following this example, functional genetics provides a person with answers and guidance on how to deal with their specific genetic make ups for life style optimization.

In this way, functional genetics can not only minimize certain risk factors for chronic diseases but also plays an important role in “controlled aging”.