Butt Injections versus the Brazilian Butt Lift

Butt Injections versus the Brazilian Butt Lift 

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure provides a youthful, rounder, and perkier butt while creating a curvy body shape. This augmentation procedure uses fat from other areas of your body – making it one of the most natural ways to lift and increase the size of your butt. Butt Injections performed by an unqualified non-medical professional is what we are experiencing in most young women trying to save money

PureLipo in Atlanta and Warner Robins often turns into the Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’ve been looking into procedures to get a rounder firmer and shapely butt, there is one option you should avoid altogether. The Back-Room “Butt Injections”, which are often injected illegally at non-medical facilities. We have had many patients come to us afterward, and in most cases, Dr. Slater will not assume the medical liability to help correct unnatural dimples, holes, and scars. We have seen horrible necrosis of the tissue and even infections that will not heal. If you are experiencing any medical symptoms and had these type of injections, go straight to Urgent Care or the Emergency room. If you are not feeling well enough to make the trip call 911. Necrosis of the tissue means that your tissue, (skin) is dying. Many women end up in the hospital with wounds the size of apples and often die from blood poisoning or the aftermath from those wounds that are caused by the toxins. Surgeons in the emergency room often have to make radical decisions such as removing a larger part of the buttocks all together to prevent the infection from spreading. Often it is too late. The toxins from the unauthorized substances (often industrial silicone from Home Depot) used for those Butt Injections can be lethal almost immediately after injections and/or cause chronic medical issues. 

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure versus Butt Injections

The horrible thing about the underworld of butt injections is that the criminals injecting this stuff in various areas of your buttocks, are not medically qualified, and do not know how deep or how superficial to inject. Even if a doctor gave them your own fat to inject, they could kill you.  Only a skilled board certified medical doctor and his professional staff can make a medically sound decision. The OR is sterile, the patient is monitored and has to undergo a medical history prior to the process. Dr. Slater always performs procedures with one to two other medical professionals and the patient will have staff caring for them before and after the procedure. Of-Course a ride is needed to and from our center. The patient is not allowed to drive before or after and needs to schedule a family member for pick up and drop off.  Medications that have to be given prior to the procedure and afterward to reduce anxiety and put the patient into a light restful sleep prior to being numbed. This can cause drowsiness and driving a vehicle is strictly prohibited. 

When you choose to receive “Butt Injections” from a non-credited source, you put yourself at serious risk. The silicone or unknown substance injected into your body is not encapsulated. This means it can be nearly impossible to remove. 

Recent events of Death from Butt Injections


Miami 2016 

Miami Herald News May 2016, Young Mother of two dies after silicone injections

New York 2017 

The latest death of a woman obsessed with Beyonce’s rear recently died after getting silicone injected into her buttocks 

Watch This Video and if you thought about getting illegal Injections, you might change your mind now! 


Choose a safer, and more natural, route at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center For Anti-Aging with Dr. Slater.  Dr. Monte Slater can perform your procedure safely and effectively. He has literally become an expert over the last decade and is medically safe. He is a double board certified physician with 30 years of experience in women’s health and over the last decade, his focus has been strictly Aesthetics and Anti-Aging. Dr. Slater uses minimally invasive techniques and does not use general anesthesia. Not everyone is a candidate but he does great work and his patients love him! He has a few nicknames that might not be so funny when out with family and friends and someone loudly whispers… There is the Booty Doctor.


With younger women, the biggest concern is budget, of course, the medical requirements are the same, but generally speaking, there are fewer health issues in most 25-year-olds versus patients that are 40 or older.

Aesthetic Treatments by Dr. Monte Slater include the Brazilian Butt Lift in Atlanta and Warner Robins

Middle aged women like myself, are experiencing the complete gravity take over- it seems to happen overnight!  IT IS NOT FAIR!  I am personable struggling and will soon be on the OR table myself. With older women, more than one factor has to be considered to be an ideal candidate.

#1 Skin laxity 


#2 Will the results leave even more loose skin 


#3 Are they medically fit for the procedure


 #4 Do they have realistic expectations



Dr. Slater has more than thirty years of experience and is a double board certified physician. He has two offices, Warner Robins and Buckhead, Atlanta. 

Over the past ten years, Dr. Slater has performed an immense number of Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures. He uses minimal methods and no general anesthesia. For this particular procedure, no implants are needed. Thin people may not be a candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift. Though Dr. Slater can produce a lifted rear, by using ThermiTight, ThermiSmooth and a few other methods, the size cannot be increased without implants if you don’t have any extra fat. In women with additional fat, the fat is usually removed from the abdomen, flanks, back, arms, upper thighs and sometimes other areas that contain unwanted fat. After the Lipo, the fat is purified and transferred to the buttocks via syringes that were drawn up after the purification of the fat. Dr. Slater always asks his patients if they want to add some fat to the hips or upper thighs, depending on the natural shape of the women. His “Goal” is to create those curves you have always dreamed of. 

How is fat removed? For this portion of the procedure, Dr. Slater uses PureLipo.

Fat Removal and Transfer

PureLipo is a minimally invasive liposuction procedure that uses local anesthesia (placed only on the surgical site) and an innovative technique that is referred to as tumescent liposuction.  Healing time is shortened and results are maximized. The exact process will be explained on the day of the consult. You are probably a good fit for liposuction if you are slightly above average weight, in good health, and have pockets of fat that are resistant to exercise and diet. After your PureLipo™ procedure, the fat will be purified and then transferred to the areas of the butt lacking volume and lift.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is born & technically you do get Butt Injections, except they are Butt Injections containing your own purified fat, versus “Fix A Flat” or Industrial Silicone.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

A word of caution! Smoking Cigarettes is not allowed 4-6 weeks prior to the procedure, and 8 weeks after and preferably not at all. The body will often reject the fat due to the blood flow compromise caused by Vasoconstriction. In other words, cigarette smokers are at risk to not heal properly as their vessels have been compromised by smoking.  Oxygen delivery and Circulation are not as good in smokers, which affects the healing process.  So it is very important to keep that in mind. 

No general anesthesia use means less medical risk, less downtime and it is more cost effective.  Our patients often walk up to 2 miles the next day and are able to go back to work within  3-5 days, depending on job duties. If you are working in IT or a desk job it’s pretty easy, but if your job requires heavy duty lifting and lots of sitting, you might want to take 5 business days off and opt for a Thursday or Friday Procedure. Maximum results take time. Generally, best results are found within 6month and steadily improve up to a year.

Weight gain after the procedure can greatly affect the outcome and can prevent you from getting the results you want! Dr. Slater is not responsible for the reduction in results caused by weight gain. You will be weighed prior to the treatment and immediately after or at the post-op visit 1-2 days later. Dr. Slater generally sees his patients the next day or 2nd day and again a week or two later, depending on the individual. Often patients come in to do synergie massages for lymphatic drainage and to reduce swelling and reduce cellulite. The time frame and how many treatments depends on Dr. Slater’s recommendation. The weight loss programs within his clinics is another good option, as it is medically supervised by Dr. Slater. It includes supplements and nutrition tips and starts at $299 per month. 

If a patient does not have enough fat on her or his body to transfer to the buttocks, Dr. Slater will find other solutions to enhance the buttocks. Just don’t opt for Butt Injections. If you are looking for a perkier butt, but aren’t sure where to begin, start by giving us a call at (770)-766-9684 or scheduling an appointment online. We can accommodate you in either location and even offer up to 60 months financing with Care Credit and also offer a Medical Loan. If you don’t live near Atlanta or Warner Robins but are thinking of making the trip for the Procedure, we could do a phone consult and the patient can email pictures to get an estimated cost. We also offer Skype or Face Time.  Or you can visit a qualified board certified physician closer to your home. 

We can accommodate you in either location and even offer up to 60 months financing by Care Credit and also offer a Medical Loan. 


Making a change to your body is never easy. It takes careful thought and consideration before choosing a clinic and a doctor. When you work with Dr. Monte Slater, these fears are minimized. Our expert team takes your needs to heart – and keeps them in mind throughout the entire process. Most of the established patients go to Dr. Slater for all of their Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Treatments. From Botox to fillers, to Vaginal Rejuvenation, Dr. Slater decided to offer services that will provide women and men with a safe medical center and a qualified team they will grow to love. ABS is more like a small family environment that is very private and cozy.  Even celebrities take advantage of the boutique style environment without the sterile feel that makes your blood pressure rise when you arrive. 

If you want to make a change in 2017, the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure is a great place to start. With minimally invasive technique and without general anesthesia, this treatment is a great choice for women with reservations about stereotypical Butt Lift and Butt Injection places. 

Give us a call today!  770-766-9684 or fill out your appointment online. Use the drop down for location preference. 

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