Feel Young and Look Your Best in 2017

Feel Young & Look Your Best in 2017

Feel Young and look fabulous!

 *We have families that love us, jobs and careers that fulfill our lives, pets that adore you. And for some of us lucky ones, enjoying the spoils of retirement including chasing after our grandchildren, may be just what the doctor ordered. However, there are some downfalls to aging, like our aging bodies. The aches and pains and our wrinkles may not the most pleasing. Dr. Slater understands the process of aging and can help you feel young from the inside out and the outside in. What happens on the inside affects the outside. You look as good as you feel and if you feel tired, stressed and are experiencing other symptoms that keep you from being your best, then it is time you speak to an expert. Dr. Slater and his wife Gail Slater of 35 years are both believers of the Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Treatments available at their own practice. 

Dr. Slater to the Rescue- Two locations one EXPERT!

We have two locations in Georgia, our Warner Robins office has been in operation for 10 years and we opened our Buckhead Atlanta location in July of 2014. Dr. Slater specializes in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and his a double board certified physician with 30 years experience. He has helped many men and women feel young again. At Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging, our ultimate “Goal” is to optimize and revitalize, to expand the quality of life while looking the best you can. We believe that you can look and feel fabulous as you get older by implementing a plan that includes a personalized program designed for you. Dr. Slater offers a suite of Anti-Aging and non-surgical and minimally invasive Aesthetic Treatment Options & an extensive list of  Medical Spa Services!

Just a few Anti-Aging Treatments to help you feel young in 2017

Make Your Romance Last With The O-Shot & P-Shot feel young again!


  • Physician Supervised Weight Loss: Some of the issues with aging can include weight gain.  Chasing after our grandchildren may not be as pleasurable if we are tired and sore. One way to alleviate the pains of aging is to lose a few pounds. Aging can also cause hormonal imbalances that lead to weight gain. When starting a weight loss program, consulting a physician is recommended to be successful in your weight loss journey. Consult with Dr. Slater today! 
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: As we age, multiple changes within our physiology takes place. Hormone changes are the most common changes in the body. Take our hormone quiz to see if hormones may by why you’re facing some issues.  Women and men can be treated with a more natural form of hormones. Read all about Hormone Replacement Therapy and watch the video of Dr. Monte Slater presenting the reasons he decided to offer this amazing Anti-Aging treatment. 
  • Adult Stem Cell Treatments to help you feel young again: Dr. Slater offers Adult Stem Cell Treatments strictly for Anti-Aging purposes and does not alter the stem cells.  Though improvement has been noted in some patients with COPD and Osteoarthritis, the treatment is not FDA approved and offered strictly as an Anti-Aging treatment. The stem cells are extracted from the patient’s adipose tissue, usually and preferably from the abdomen. A mini-liposuction followed by a purification process with a centrifuge, followed by reintroducing the stem cells via IV or injections depending on the need and recommendation by Dr. Monte Slater. The entire process takes no longer than 3-4 hours and the treatment is fairly affordable. People opt for Adult Stem Cell Treatments with Dr. Slater because the growth factors within your own stem cells have been shown to improve overall vitality and wellbeing. 

 Just a few Aesthetic Treatments to help you look your best in 2017

Dr. Monte Slater offers the most popular and latest treatments available in aesthetics. Cosmetic Treatments can help you achieve new confidence and the body and look you desire.  Here are a few treatments that are rated #1 in Warner Robins and Atlanta Georgia.  you may be interested in. Dr. Slater’s consultation is complimentary, so do not hesitate to schedule an appointment online today!

  •  PureLipo™ &  Brazilian Butt Lift: Dr. Slater offers the latest and greatest ways to get the waistline trimmed down and the perky round butt that seems to have disappeared several years back. He uses a minimally invasive technique that does not require General Anesthesia and uses the patient’s own fat to transfer to the buttocks, breast or hips. He does not use implants for breast or buttocks but has utilized fat and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to achieve a natural long-lasting result without the risks of implants. DR. SLATER’S WARNER ROBINS CLIENTS OFTEN REFER TO HIM AS THE BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT DOCTOR! 
  • PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments: PRP is one of the most popular procedures among the middle-aged and even older folks. Celebrities stand by the treatment to help them look and feel young and youthful. PRP uses platelets within your own blood that contain important growth factors that help heal and rejuvenate.  Not only can PRP  be used on your face to rejuvenate your skin and reduce wrinkles, dark circles and plump your skin, but PRP has been found to improve sexual health as well as promote hair growth. Check out the O-Shot and P-Shot for female and male rejuvenation.
  • Genesis Facial: Genesis Facial® is a registered and trademarked procedure, owned and offered exclusively by Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging and Dr. Monte Slater.  The Genesis Facial™ is used to improve skin texture and reduce volume loss of the face but also helps with acne scars and unFeel Young and Look Young Again! even skin tone. The Process involves micro needling of the face in conjunction with HA serum and a special growth factor serum called Amnion to stimulate collagen and healing. Amnion contains more growth factors than PRP and works amazingly well for the face and neck Much like with the Vampire Facelift, or Vampire Facial, the growth factors cause a healing response, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines and decrease pore size.  Amnion can be used for soft tissue injections and joint injections to heal injuries and to reduce chronic joint pain. *Results are not guaranteed and vary from patient to patient. 

 Contact Dr. Slater today! Grow old, forever young!  From the inside out AND THE OUTSIDE IN! 

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