Free Hormone Balance Consults

Free Hormone Balance Consults to individuals facing possible hormone imbalance

It seemed only natural for Dr. Slater to offer healthier solutions to Men and Women experiencing issues associated with aging. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women is ideal for most folks 40+ to achieve optimal function and quality of life while growing older. He is now offering free hormone balance consults and offers lab work the same day for $199.


free hormone balance consults

We offer well priced Health Packages for Men & Women that want to optimize. Offering Free Hormone Balance Consults. Click Here to schedule today!
Weight Loss programs and Weight Management packages are now available in conjunction with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.



How Hormones Affect Our Daily Well-Being

Hormones are very powerful substances in our bodies, as indicated by the fact that such minute quantities produce such profound effects. Hormones are also very selective, generally having very specific and limited functions. These two characteristics help explain why we get so “out of whack” when hormonal conditions are not quite right.

Some people may argue that our moods are affected by many factors, including our social and physical environment, diet, exercise, and daily sleep patterns, just to name a few. But the reality is that those same factors also significantly affect our hormones, which regulate our brain’s response system, and thereby determine our moods. Our emotional health is inextricably linked to our hormones.

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We often spend quite a bit of time focusing on external factors of health like exercise and nutrition. But the internal factors, hormones included, have a huge say in whether you get that six-pack by summer. To help you get a better grip on your health and fitness, we’ve highlighted five hormones that have a powerful influence over your health and what you can do to control them. At Slater Aesthetic we are offering Free Hormone Balance Consults.

  1. Testosterone: The hormone is secreted by the testes in males and in much smaller doses in the ovaries in females. In the right amounts, testosterone can help to increase muscle mass and strength and might increase brain function.
  2. Growth Hormone: This hormone, made by the pituitary gland, goes hand-in-hand with testosterone. In the right amounts, growth hormone helps to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. Since aging males often suffer from exactly the opposite effect, growth hormone is thought of as the anti-aging hormone.
  3. Estrogen: Normally thought of as a female-only hormone, estrogen is actually present in males as well (albeit at much lower levels). In women estrogen works to regulate the reproductive system and in men it is thought to aid in sex drive.
  4. Insulin: Typically known for its role in diabetes. Insulin works to regulate metabolism.
  5. Cortisol: Cortisol controls energy levels in times of stress. A long time ago, those periods of “stress” may have involved outrunning a lion or fighting off a pack of wolves. Now, stress is usually a result of sitting in traffic or having a hard deadline to meet at work. Still, our bodies respond to cortisol in the same way. If cortisol levels are too high this can lead to feeling overly tired or stressed.

Though small, hormones can have a powerful effect on your body. The great news is you aren’t powerless against them. Understanding how and why they affect your health can be a key factor in getting and maintaining the physique you want. Healthy behaviors like regular exercise (intervals in particular), proper nutrition and adequate sleep can go a long way in keeping hormone levels in check.

Dr. Monte Slater and the team at Slater Aesthetic and Center For Anti-Aging is offering  FREE Hormone Balance Consults.  Discover if your hormones are to blame for your general ill feeling, weight gain, sleeplessness and other factors.

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