Genesis Facial® by Slater Aesthetic & Center For Anti-Aging

Genesis Facial®Slater Aesthetic & Center For Anti-Aging and offers the Genesis Facial® and Amnion Injections for Anti-Aging.

Genesis Facial® is now a registered and trademarked procedure, owned and offered exclusively by Slater Aesthetic & Center for Anti-Aging. Amnion is FDA approved for anti-aging. Amnion contains 120 identifiable growth factors, which work on cell regeneration and simply repair tissue. You will see unprecedented improvements in your skin with our Genesis Facial®.


Until recently we offered PRP and Adult Stem Cell Treatments for anti-aging, which promoted healthy cell growth and healing. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is used for anti-aging (Vampire® Procedures), hair regrowth, healing tissue and joint injuries. PRP contains 8 identifiable growth factors.


PRP contains “8 Growth Factors” and is derived from the patient’s own blood. The draw back is that as you age, your growth factors become less. Remember when you scuffed your knee at the age of 10; it took barely 3 days to heal.


In your 40’s it takes a week to heal from the same injury and in your sixties, ten days. The effectiveness of our own healing power also ages with us. Adult Stem Cells function very differently from PRP. Adult Stem Cell Treatment has the potential to aid in healing chronic pain and possibly chronic diseases. Adult Stem Cell Treatments is an amazing anti-aging procedure, however this treatment is also affected by the patients age. The potency of Amnion is not affected by the patient’s age at all, as it is derived from the healthy, and healing amniotic fluid.


Amnion is derived, purified and processed after C-sections, and donated by women that have been screened and willingly gave their healthy amniotic fluid and tissue to medical laboratories.


The Genesis Facial® is predominantly used for Anti-Aging. At Slater Aesthetic & Center For Anti-Aging we micro needle the face and neck and then apply amnion mixed with hyluranic acid, much like the Vampire Facelift, or Vampire Facial. Amnion is also ideal for soft tissue injections and joint injections to encourage healing injuries, or to reduce chronic pain.


Scalp injections with Amnion to promote hair growth, or before and after Neograft. Another way to utilize Amnion fluid in hair restoration to help the hair grafts and donor site heal faster. The amnion utilized for injections is more concentrated and has to be ordered and shipped 80 degrees below freezing and utilized within a short period of time.


We recently trademarked our Genesis Facial® and are utilizing “Amnion” with other natural yet (secret ingredients), to turn back the clock on aging as we know it!


Recently Slater Aesthetic and Center for Anti-Aging has earned a registered trademark for the procedure we call the Genesis Facial®.  At Aesthetic Body the Genesis Facial® is a revolutionary injectable that uses human placental amnion which functions as a biologic structural matrix to facilitate and enhance tissue healing and repair.  We micro needle the Amnio Flo into the skin similar to having PRP or the Vampire Facial®.  The main difference between Genesis Facial® and Vampire Facial® is the amount of identifiable growth factors.  As mentioned before PRP has 8 identifiable growth factors and now with Amnio, we can see 120 identifiable growth factors.  What this means for your tissue healing is that the results are 15 times stronger than in previous facials.


What is Amnion and how does Amnion work in the Genesis Facial®?


Slater Aesthetic & Center For Anti-Aging is committed to Amnion as an anti-aging Tool. If you are micro needling the face, or use amnion as an injectable, amnion is an amazing product with unprecedented healing powers. Amnion is morselized, flowable tissue allograft derived from human placental amnion, which functions as a biologic structural matrix to facilitate and enhance tissue healing and repair.  This product provides an optimized environment for tissue growth, repair, and healing with less inflammation and reduced scarring.


What are the results I will see with the Genesis Facial®? Amnion is “an ingredient for the elixir of youth.”






How Amnion works in the Genesis Facial®

  1. Reduces fibroblast infiltration and promotes tissue reconstruction 
  2. Contains important growth factors and proteins, which promote collagen matrix formation and cellular proliferation while minimizing the formation of scar tissue.
  3. Reduces inflammation and pain
  4. Composed of collagens and structural proteins that support angiogenesis, tissue growth, and collagen production during tissue regeneration and repair.
  5. Higher concentrations of PGE2 than competitor products.  Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) is secreted by mesenchymal stem cells in response to injury.  This molecule decreases inflammation and enhances angiogenesis and wound healing.
  6. Higher concentrations of WNT4 than competitor products.  The WNT4 protein intimately involved in driving normal wound healing and cell proliferation.  This molecule regulates cell movement and proliferation in the creation of new tissueby multiple mechanisms including enhancement of new blood vessel formation, which is required for normal wound healing.
  7. Higher concentrations of GDF-11 than competitor products.  Growth/differentiation factor 11 (GDF-11) has been called “an ingredient for the elixir of youth.”


Grow Old Forever Young

Dr. Monte Slater, MD, is a double board-certified Physician specializing in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Slater is an Obstetric/Gynecologic Surgeon with 30 years of experience. He has been practicing in Warner Robins, Georgia for the last 15 years. In 2014, Slater Aesthetic opened their Anti-Aging & Life Extension boutique office as well as Buckhead Hair Restoration in Atlanta.



As the medical director of Slater Aesthetic & Center for Anti-Aging in Buckhead Atlanta, I really believe that beauty is more than skin deep. In fact, I believe real and lasting beauty begins when the body is well balanced from the inside out. Only then is each individual able to achieve his or her ultimate external visual expression. By utilizing cutting edge medical regenerative technology, we target the aging affects. Free radicals, glycosalation and hormonal imbalance damage the skin and supporting structures. Our current cosmetic procedures assist in rejuvenating the skin, minimizing fine lines, restoring facial volume, tighten skin and remove or redistribute excess body fat to create the shape you’re going to want to show off this summer. My staff and I warmly invite you to come in for your complimentary consult and a free Visia skin analysis to see how we can restore your beauty from the inside out.


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