Great Liposuction Results

great liposuction results

Great Liposuction Results When You Choose Dr. Slater

Are you struggling to feel comfortable in your own skin? Maybe you’re looking for a way to decrease the amount of fat in your body. Have you considered liposuction as a solution? Whether you choose a surgical or nonsurgical solution, we can help you achieve great liposuction results at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center For Anti-Aging in Atlanta and Warner Robins.

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At our clinic, Dr. Monte Slater runs the show. Dr. Slater prefers non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures that offer superior technique and unmatched benefits – such as little or no downtime after treatment and long-lasting results. 

When it comes to liposuction, Dr. Slater has you covered with PureLipo. This minimally invasive procedure will contour and sculpt your body by removing areas of excess fat from between muscle and skin. It uses a small tube and does not involve the side effects of a traditional liposuction.

PureLipo can be performed without general anesthesia – meaning anesthesia is placed only on the affected area. This treatment can remove fat from your abdomen, back, arms, thighs, buttocks, and more. Quite honestly, there are few areas PureLipo can’t reach.

For individuals who face excess fat in a particular area of the body, rather than in general, PureLipo can provide the specialized experience you need without the hassle. Rather than going through general anesthesia for a simple body part, you can take advantage of a minimally invasive and selective procedure. 

PureLipo is, essentially, tumescent liposuction. This liposuction is a considered a huge advancement in body contouring. It doesn’t require excessive incisions or general anesthesia. It applies Lidocaine to a large amount of fat, making a liposuction possible with little or no pain. 

great liposuction results

Real Patient

You should note that, in most states, physicians need not have training to perform a cosmetic procedure. Fortunately, Dr. Slater is a double board certified physician with plenty of experience in cosmetics. He has been a surgeon for more than three decades – and he’s more than prepared to help you choose the right procedure for your body, goals, and medical history.

There are several signs that a liposuction is a good choice for you. You should be slightly above average in weight. You should be in good health. You should also have pockets of fat that are resistant to exercise and diet. 

It’s common to feel slight soreness after a PureLipo procedure – much like the soreness you’d feel after an abdominal workout. This can last for seven days. However, most of our patients are back at work within two or three days. You’ll see the best results from PureLipo between three and twelve months after the procedure.

Combine PureLipo with ThermiTight for an even more confident feeling. Because we only offer the best and most convenient procedures, we can provide great liposuction results – among great results for other treatments. 

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