Micro Needling with PRP Treatment 

penA “Micro Needling Pen” is really composed of multiple micro-needles, creates thousands of microscopic channels (called a ‘cascade’) through the skin. It is utilized in the face, neck, scalp and various areas of the body for skin tightening, collagen production and overall skin rejuvenation. Its benefits are countless, and  include smaller pores, minimization of scars caused by acne and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

The “Eclipse Pen” is the Pen of Choice at Slater Aesthetic and is known to be the Micro Needling Pen used by celebrities all over the USA along with PRP.

The body rushes to repair these infinitely small channels– by depositing collagen and elastin, by increasing blood flow to the area– and in the process restoring skin to its taut, youthful appearance.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment for Anti-aging

Platelet Rich Plasma is the “Healing Power” within our blood, we harvest it by simply drawing blood and using a centrifuge to separate the PRP from the rest of the blood.

PRP has been used for decades for athletes recovering from surgery, or to heal painful joint injuries as Platelet Rich Plasma contains many growth factors and is known to help wounds heal faster. PRP can also improve the texture and color of skin, by encouraging the growth of new tissue. The beauty of this treatment is that it doesn’t break down the outer layer of the skin, so there is no scarring, and no down time. The body’s immune system simply goes to work repairing the perceived damage. All you see is fresher, younger, skin.