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The Lunch-Time Facelift Can tighten the skin and restore volume loss in the face!

Slater Aesthetic and Center for Anti-Aging located in Buckhead, Atlanta and, Warner Robins, Georgia offer the Lunch-Time Facelift (Thread Facelift).
The Thread Facelift takes your precious time into account.  Basically, we want you to feel refreshed and look beautiful and younger without the downtime of a major surgical procedure. Hence why we call this refreshing procedure the Lunch-Time Facelift.  
Maintain your youthful look with injectables


A thread lift is the traditional facelift’s less invasive younger sibling.  As the name would suggest, thread lifts use unique threads made of clear polypropylene, which are inserted through small incisions using a needle. These threads have small cones on the end that grab and pull at the skin underneath the surface to lift and tighten the skin. These hypodermic needles are inserted superficially into the soft tissue, where they can grip and pull to reposition the skin. No worries the face is numbed prior and the downtime is minimal. Really just a day or two maximum. 

Threads with small cones, as described above, can also be inserted individually and used to grip and tighten the skin as needed.

The unreal part? The threads actually stay in your body. They’re surgical sutures that are made of a synthetic and absorbable polydioxanone or PDO. They’re the same kind of sutures that are used in surgery, and PDO is considered one of the safest materials and very few people react to this material. The PDO helps your body stimulate collagen and increases tissue healing, therefore, causing an Anti-aging effect.

No Surgery – Can be combined with Injectables: 60 Minutes Or Less

Virtually Pain-Free• Minimal Recovery Time • Results can last 14-18 month

If you are experiencing mild to moderate “Volume Loss” of the face and have areas of loose skin but you are not quite ready for facial plastic surgery, you might be a great candidate for the “Lunch-Time Facelift” The Lunch-Time Facelift is a thread lift that can also be combined with facial fillers and PRP. 
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Areas that we can address with the Lunch-Time Facelift:

The entire face, jaws, and jowls can be addressed with the Thread Lift.

Book your consultation with Dr. Slater Click Here. We have two convenient locations in Georgia; Warner Robins & Atlanta

Call (770) 766-9684 in Atlanta or (478) 225-2379 in Warner Robins to find out more about the Lunch-Time Facelift procedure. 
Consultations are complimentary and Dr. Slater will determine if you are a candidate for this non-surgical treatment. Dr. Slater is double board certified and qualified to make recommendations for your aesthetic solutions and anti-aging treatments.
We also offer nonsurgical and minimally invasive hair restoration at our Atl Hair Clinic.

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