Last Minute Liposuction by Dr. Monte Slater in Warner Robins and Atlanta

Last Minute Liposuction -Trim Your Waistline in 2 hours! 

Last Minute Liposuction Specials are here! If you want to get a head start on your New Years resolution liposuction could be the answer. If you have some stubborn fat in places like your stomach hips and thighs, liposuction may be the answer. If your diet and exercise program has not been enough to get you the body you want, Liposuction may be the answer. Dr. Slater is offering last minute liposuction specials that will help you shed those unwanted inches quickly.  Remember it is about inches not the scale.

last minute liposuction

Save $500 Off  PureLipo™ with our without ThermiTight for skin tightening, when you book your consult before December 31st in Warner Robins or Atlanta with our double board certified physician. Dr. Monte Slater is a liposuction and Brazilian Butt-Lift Expert and has been offering these popular procedures without general anesthesia for over a decade. We offer 12 Month interest-free financing with Care Credit.  Schedule your procedure for 2017 but pay 2016 prices.

Doctor Slater offers a method  called PureLipo™, which is a minimally invasive technique that sculpts and contours your body by  simply removing unwanted areas of excess fat from between the skin and muscle using a small tube. This form of liposuction does not have the side effects of traditional liposuctions as we know it. Dr. Slater does not use  general anesthesia and his patients can return to work and all activities within a few days.  PureLipo ™ can help you get rid of unwanted inches on your abdomen, back, arms, thighs, flanks, and really anywhere there is excess fat.

What is Purelipo™ and how is it different ?

Men can get rid of love handles

Love handles occur in men and women. Dr. Monte Slater has found that a combination of PureLipo™, ThermTight & ThermiSmooth, will eliminate love handles for a long time! Get your last minute liposuction and start the New Year without the extra inches!

PureLipo™  has truly been one of the most innovative advances in liposuction and body contouring over the last decade. The benefit of this type of lipo is that it requires only a few tiny holes and is performed under local anesthesia. A small probe and gentle suction will only remove unwanted fat without damaging underlying tissue. You will not feel a thing, and you  can walk up to 2 miles the next day. The recovery time is minimal and you will feel back to normal within a few days. Minimal swelling and bruising in most patients and sometimes the family members don’t even notice you had anything done until you tell them so, or when you show off your new body toward spring. Purelipo™  is ultimately a form of tumescent liposuction, which is a technique that provides Lidocaine to large volumes of subcutaneous fat and permits Dr. Slater to perform this procedure without the extra stress on the body and cost of general anesthesia. Lots of folks do not want to commit to general anesthesia out of fear of complications.” Last Minute Liposuction” with Dr. Slater at two clinics is ideal for anyone who wants a quick fix prior to 2017. This is ideal for men and women that have very little time and want maximum results. 

“Tighten Your Skin with ThermiTight During Your Last Minute Liposuction” 2017 is almost here! 

Last Minute Liposuction with Dr. Monte Slater

ThermiTight Radiofrequency treatments are often combined with liposuction in order to tighten potentially loose skin and to sculpt the abs and arms, and even the chin.  This is performed by targeting the areas of the skin, providing tighter firmer skin with the use of a probe that uses radiofrequency to heat the skin, which lifts and tones. The probe is tiny and this is performed internally simultaneously so you are numb.  This usually requires only one treatment per area. If you do not have the need for liposuction in specific areas but still have the loose skin, talk to Dr. Slater about ThermiTight in those areas without the additional liposuction. There is a small up-charge for ThermiTight during the procedure, ask the team at Slater Aesthetic better known as the “ABS Clinic in Warner Robins”.  We also offer ThermiSmooth after Liposuction, which is an affordable non-invasive radiofrequency treatment. ThermiSmooth feels like a hot-stone massage and requires multiple treatments for the body, face, and neck to achieve tighter firmer skin with less fat. ThermiSmooth250 for the body is the external device that was FDA approved in 2016 for the temporary reduction of cellulite.

Pay 2016 prices by pre-paying now! Liposuction specials are good through the end of December.

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