Look Great This Holiday Season

Look Great This Holiday Season!

*Haven’t seen your family in a while? Do you want to look great this holiday season? The holiday season is the perfect time to get those cosmetic procedures you always wanted. Holidays Are Happy Days! Cosmetic Procedures are ideally performed during Fall and Winter Holidays. 

During the Winter months you can expect less swelling with cooler weather and patients have the ability to cover up with clothing, so the procedure can remain private. Lots of folks take their vacation during those months to commit to cosmetic procedures.

look great this holiday season

Look great this holiday season with cosmetic procedures by Dr. Monte Slater. We have two locations in Buckhead Atlanta and Warner Robins.Look Great This Holiday Season With These Cosmetic Procedures.


Typical Procedures During The Holiday Season are: 


  • Liposuction
  • ThermiTight for Skin Tightening
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Fat Transfer Procedures


  • Fraxel Mixtoe Laser for Skin Rejuvenation
  • Micro-needling with PRP
  • Liposuction of the chin
  • Vampire Facelift


  • NeoGraft Hair Transplant 
  • PRP Scalp Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma derived from the patient’s own blood)

Your Body Can Look Great This Holiday Season 


PureLipo™ A Minimally Invasive Solution To Liposuction Offered By Doctor Monte Slater in Atlanta and Warner Robins Georgia. PureLipo™utilizes “Tumescent liposuction technique” and you can generally walk up to two miles the next day. All procedures are conducted under local anesthesia which is less traumatic for the body. 

Fat Transfer Procedures:

Having a fat transfer, such as the Brazilian butt lift are a great way to have PureLipo performed and then have your bottom a little more shapely and fuller. Move fat from unwanted areas to your buttocks or areas that need more shape.  Perfect for small breast, to create a bit more cleavage. 


ThermiTight is typically performed during PureLipo™, but is perfect as an alone standing procedure for folks that have no adipose tissue but need to tighten and tone specific areas. ThermiTight can tighten skin and sculpt your body during Purelipo™.Thermi Procedures use radiofrequency to heat up the tissue beneath the skin which melts fat and tones the skin. Unlike CoolSculpt it does not hurt for weeks and usually requires a one time treatment. You can even get defined abs by using the internal probe to heat the tissue. Local anesthesia is required for this treatment. Sculpting abs with ThermiTight is very popular for male patients.  Thermi also offers ThermiSmooth, for face and body. The ThermiSmooth treatments for the face will help increase collagen production and minimize fine lines and tighten skin. For the body it can help smooth cellulite and reduce fat. ThermiSmooth is an external radiofrequency treatment that requires no numbing but it also requires several treatments for best results. This Treatment feels like a hot stone massage.  Every lipo patient receives 3 TermiSmooth Treatments FREE. 

Your Face can look great this Holiday Season!

Fraxel Mixtoe Laser for Skin Rejuvenation:

The Fraxel Mixtoe laser is FDA approved to treat wrinkles, acne scars and skin discoloration. If your looking to brighten and smooth your skin this is an aggressive laser treatment, and may have a few days of downtime, however this treatment is very effective. The cooler weather is ideal for cosmetic treatments as we tend to swell less and are not outside as much. This procedure takes 5-7 days to recover, redness will remain for up to a month, but makeup can be applied after post treatment consult. 


Vampire Facelift™:

The Vampire Facelift™ was created  by Dr. Charles Runels. All Vampire Procedures are trademarked by Dr. Runels and Dr. Monte Slater is an official Vampire Procedure Trainer for other physicians that desire to become a part of the elite group of physicians allowed to conduct the procedures. The Vampire Facelift™ utilizes Platelet Rich Plasma, which is derived from your own blood to rejuvenate your face. Unlike most procedures, the Vampire Facelift™ truly rejuvenates the skin on a cellular level. This treatment adds volume to the aging face, improves tone, texture and reduces pore size, as well produces new healthy tissue. The results are plump, firmer, healthier skin. Because PRP aids in Collagen Production, the results are actually better 3-6 month after the procedure. The Vampire Facelift™requires injections and micro-needling with PRP. Dr. Slater adds either Juvederm or Restylane injections as an addition to the PRP injections. This procedure is ideal for women 40 and up as it addresses volume loss and under-eye-bags, as well as moderate wrinkles.

Vampire Facial™:

Similar to the Vampire Facelif™t the Vampire Facial™ utilizes your own blood. The procedure uses the bodies own ability to regenerate tissue and improving skin quality. With the Vampire Facial™ there is no injections and no filler used. Micro-needling is used to create micro-holes that are then covered with the platelet rich plasma. The plasma seeps into the holes and increases collagen production and circulation. PRP is the healing agent within our own blood. The Vampire Facial™ is ideal for younger patients that do not have significant volume loss in the face and just want to improve tone, texture and pore size. Both the Facial and the Facelift  can also help to minimize acne scars and hyper pigmentation.


Want Beautiful Hair Next Summer? 

NeoGraft Hair Transplant:

Neograft Hair Transplant system is the best of its kind for regrowing hair naturally. This technology allows individual follicles to be transplanted from the donor site without causing a linear scar at the back of the head. Read more about how it works by visiting our Hair Restoration Page.

PRP Scalp Therapy:

Platelet Rich Plasma Scalp treatments are available for men and women that are not quite ready for NeoGraft hair transplant, but want to improve the health of their scalp and increase hair growth, and even slow down existing hair loss. PRP is also used  before, during and after hair transplant. Before NeoGraft PRP can help grafts heal faster, during the procedure PRP can help with the survival of hair follicles and after NeoGraft will assist in regrowing the grafted hair faster. PRP can also reduce shock loss. Ask Dr. Slater about various reasons to use PRP for Hair loss. 

Why Choose Us? 

Dr. Monte Slater is the medical director for Slater Aesthetic & Center for Anti-Aging and Buckhead Hair Restoration, as well as Atlanta Stem Cell Treatment Center. He is a double board certified physician with 30 years of medical experience. He is available for procedures in Warner Robins and Buckhead Atlanta. When you schedule online, simply pick location preference and time & date for your complimentary consult. Because this is a very busy time of the year, we do require a 24 hour cancellation for all complimentary consults. You should choose us because we are a full service Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Procedure Clinic with qualified staff, a private comfortable environment and most importantly an experienced progressive medical doctor that practices safe medicine. 

NeoGraft Hair Restoration consults are offered in both offices, the actual hair transplant is offered in the Atlanta office only. PRP Scalp Therapy is available in Warner Robins and Atlanta! 
Dr. Slater is a LaserCap Provider, and offers Bioidentical Hormone Therapy to patients looking to rejuvenate and grow old forever young.

Start this Holiday Season don’t delay your New Years Resolution

Take advantage of $500 Off LipoSuction when you book in 2016. Procedures can be performed until March 31st 2017 and the discount will be honored. Procedures must be paid in full by 12/31/2016 to qualify for the $500 Off! Ask our team for more information about our  holiday season discounts. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

 **Disclosure: All articles are for informational purposes only and Slater Aesthetic & Center for Anti-Aging and Dr. Slater does not guarantee results. Results vary from patient to patient.

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