NeoGraft Benefits

NeoGraft Benefits for women suffering from hair loss!

For women, hair loss can be devastating.  If you are a woman experiencing hair loss, NeoGraft can help you regrow your hair naturally. NeoGraft benefits are undeniably amazing for women of all ethnicities.Dr. Monte Slater decided to introduce NeoGraft  because women and men of all ethnic backgrounds would be able to take advantage of this permanent, yet minimally invasive, hair restoration method. Atlanta is a melting pot and everyone deserves a solution to hair loss

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NeoGraft benefits for women of all ethnicities


Though there are many conditions (including hormonal imbalance) that can cause hair loss in women,  alopecia is a common cause. Alopecia, a condition commonly called “Male Pattern Baldness,” can also cause hair loss in women. The condition causes the hair to thin, and eventually the follicles stop growing hair altogether.  NeoGraft is a minimally-invasive hair transplant procedure that can be the permanent answer to regrow the hair lost due to alopecia in women.


According to the US National Library of Medicine:

Androgenetic Alopecia is a common form of hair loss in both men and women. The pattern of hair loss in women differs from male-pattern baldness. In women, the hair becomes thinner all over the head, and the hairline does not recede. Androgenetic Alopecia in women rarely leads to total baldness. The goal has always been to include women in permanent hair loss solutions. However, very few choices have been available as it relates to hair transplants for women.

Women tend to change hairstyles with new trends and want to have the freedom to choose their hairstyles as they please. With the previous hair transplant methods, short hairstyles or hairstyles exposing the back of the head were obsolete. Also, few women had the desire to look like Mrs. Plug. The old methods caused the hair grafts to look stenciled into the scalp and hardly natural.

Though lots of women of various ethnic backgrounds are now committing to hair weaves and wigs, it is certainly not a permanent solution and furthers the issue of hair loss in the long run. Wigs do not allow proper oxygen flow to the scalp and weaves can lead to another form of alopecia. This form of alopecia is called “Traction Alopecia.”


African American women are at a great threat for traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is a  localized hair loss area caused by repetitive pulling or traction on the hair roots. Tight braids, hair weaves, and ponytails can put enough strain on the scalp to make the hair break off and damage the roots permanently.

Often, wearing braids for a long period time can cause hair loss in the temple area and can gradually move your hairline back. If this happens, it’s best to choose hairstyles that put less tension on the hair. We have seen lots of patients with wigs at a young age because of severe hair loss and receding hairlines.

The good news is that, often, the potential donor site at the back of the head contains healthy, unstrained hair. What does that mean?

When Dr. Slater decides if a patient is a good candidate for NeoGraft, he must first assess the causes of hair loss, then inspect the potential donor area to determine how many grafts can be transplanted to the area of need. Some women of other ethnic backgrounds also suffer from traction alopecia, due to the same reasons mentioned above. Caucasian women tend to have thinner hair and as they grow older it gets even thinner. NeoGraft can help fill in the thinning hair, as long as the donor site is healthy and the hair in the donor area is dense enough.


When it comes to hair transplants for women of all ethnicities, NeoGraft offers the most advanced technology. Visit  Buckhead Hair Restoration for articles and information about hair loss and causes. 

Here Are a Few NeoGraft Benefits:

  • No Linear Scarring: You won’t see any visible evidence of a hair transplant procedure, other than a great head of hair within twelve months of the procedure.
  • Speedy Recovery: Most of our patients can return to work three or four days after their procedure.
  • Minimal Pain: This minimally-invasive procedure won’t cause serious pain or discomfort.
  • Personality: The NeoGraft procedure can be personally tailored to your needs, so that you restore your natural hairline and your self-confidence.

NeoGraft Benefits for Women of all Ethnicities:

  • Achieve Natural Permanent Results Within A Year (Gradual Results)
  • Re-Establish Your Hair Line (Traction Alopecia)
  • Grow Fuller Thicker Hair  With NeoGraft (For Thinning & Naturally Thin Hair)
  • Fill In Specific Areas Of Hair Loss
  • Wear Short Hair Styles  Even After NeoGraft (No Linear Scar)
  • Repeat NeoGraft in the Future For Even Better Results (One Year
  • Minimum In-Between Transplants Is Required (Optimal Donor Site Needed)

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