Why we chose NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Buckhead Hair Restoration Center is now open for business.

Dr. Monte Slater offered NeoGraft Hair Restoration in Middle Georgia ( Warner Robins), for the last several years and recently opened his medical practice “Slater Aesthetic” in Buckhead/ Atlanta Georgia. He had been pondering about hair loss and effective hair restoration solutions for a while, read how he was introduced to NeoGraft and why he chose to offer NeoGraft in his practice.

NeoGraft Hair-restoration is now offered in Buckhead/Atlanta & Warner Robins.

Dr. Monte Slater delved into anti aging and regenerative medicine, one thing became very apparent, men and women alike were struggling with hair loss and the impact on their self esteem was  equally significant for both. But he knew that the traditional method with the linear scar was something that he personally would never elect to do, nor could he recommend it. As he traveled to many A4M conferences, he kept being introduced to NeoGraft  at their display booth. He spent about 2 years in talks with the NeoGraft Team and  decided that NeoGraft was a great fit for his practice. It was a perfect enhancement to his already established Anti-Aging menu of services. NeoGraft had the highest acceptance rate in the nation of transplanted hair. A rate at  98% was unheard of in the past and this coupled with NO SCAR made it a win win situation.

The minimal downtime was a great fit with our clinic and patients. Most importantly, NeoGraft is a great company, stands behind their product and provides highly skilled and trained technicians to do the procedure. In a time span of 27 years, Dr. Slater has gained a lot of experience as an M.D seemed like a great partnership.

Dr. Monte Slater has been able to work alongside with the NeoGraft Team, and the patients receive the very best in procedural care and outcome. The option to do multiple treatments is also there, because not everyone can afford to do amount of grafts needed at once, with the earlier methods.