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RejuvenateFeel Incredible in 2017

Are you looking to feel amazing in 2017? Have you been struggling with your body, face, or hair in 2016? No worries – with Dr. Slater and his experienced team, you can rejuvenate your body and feel your best throughout 2017 and beyond.*

Dr. Slater is a double board certified physician with thirty years of experience in women’s health. For the past decade, he has worked closely with anti-aging and regenerative medicine. 

Since hair loss is a common problem for both women and men, Dr. Slater offers NeoGraft Hair Restoration at Buckhead Hair Restoration in Atlanta. Slater Aesthetic has offices in Atlanta and Warner Robins for all other treatments and procedures. Dr. Slater also offers Adult Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging,  PRP Therapy, which has become extremely popular and can be highly effective for the right patient. 

Do you need Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Solutions? Dr. Slater to the rescue! Common  Cosmetic procedures are PureLipo™ combined with fat transfer to the buttocks, which is called the “Brazilian Butt Lift”, the Vampire Facial™, the Vampire Facelift™ & ThermiRF Procedures for skin tightening and fat reduction. 

Some Of Our Popular ProceduresRejuvenate

PureLipo™ is a minimally invasive liposuction that utilizes anesthesia in private office suites. It also shortens healing time and maximizes results.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that utilizes the patient’s own fat. This fat is transferred from unwanted areas of the body to the buttocks. No implants are necessary. Talk about rejuvenate!

The Vampire Facelift™ is for any individual with aging skin that has become dull, with signs of wrinkles, fine lines, and enlarged pores. It is also ideal for young patients that have a particular area of concern that may be genetic, such as under-eye-bags or dark circles.  If you  need an increase in volume due to weight loss or aging,  this treatment may be an option for you. The procedure utilizes micro-needling and injections with PRP. Dr. Slater isolates platelet-rich plasma, which contains many growth factors from the patient’s own blood. The growth factors enter the face as multipotent stem cells are activated to grow new tissue. In addition fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane Lyft are used to increase volume and decrease wrinkles and fine lines, or even reduce hollow areas around the eyes. 

The Vampire Facial™ is on the cutting edge of regenerative therapies. It involves gently micro-needling the skin, then applying PRP. Tiny perforations allow for easier absorption of  Platelet-Rich Plasma, which rejuvenates the skin and improves the overall texture of the skin almost immediately. 

Dr. Charles Runels trademarked all Vampire Procedures including the O-Shot and P-Shot and requires physicians that perform his procedures to be a part of his network. There is strict protocols and only qualified physicians and health care professionals are able to join his network. Dr.Slater is not only a Vampire Procedure Provider, he is also a trainer for other physicians desiring to perform the procedures and become a part of Dr. Charles Runel’s network of providers around the globe.

ThermiTight is a minimally invasive single treatment solution that requires little or no downtime. This treatment is often combined with Purelipo™ as it can assist in skin tightening  and further sculpting and fat reduction in certain areas. The procedure delivers controlled thermal energy under the skin to reverse aging effects, or simply after losing weight or having a baby.  ThermiTight is great for women and men who want to opt for minimally  invasive methods to rejuvenate and tighten skin. 

ThermiSmooth uses gentle heating and temperature controlled radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen remodeling. The procedure is gentle, precise, safe, and requires no downtime. You will undergo a series of three to six treatments depending on what you would like to achieve.  ThermiSmooth can be used for the face and the body and was FDA approved for Cellulite Reduction in 2016. 

ThermiVa  is also radiofrequency treatment invented by Thermi and has been featured on the doctors and many other newsworthy stations. It was designed to tighten the inside and outside of the vagina – after childbirth or during the aging process. It involves zero pain and feels like a hot-stone massage. It creates heightened sensitivity, increased orgasmic function, and aids in the reduction of skin laxity. A pleasant side effect of this treatment is a reduction of urinary stress incontinence and urinary urge in patients with moderate symptoms. 

RejuvenateRejuvenate With SlaterMD

Whatever method you choose to rejuvenate, Dr. Monte Slater and his team are here to help. 

Contact us by phone or schedule an appointment online for more information.

Feeling wonderful in the new year is incredibly important. After all, you deserve to feel awesome!

 **Disclosure: All articles are for informational purposes only and Slater Aesthetic & Center for Anti-Aging and Dr. Slater does not guarantee results. Results vary from patient to patient.