ThermiVa can help!

Blame it on the Children! ThermiVa can help when it comes to “Female Rejuvenation”!

ThermiVa is the pain-free & non-surgical solution for female rejuvenation, read all about it here. From an increase in body fat and shoe size to stretch marks, the process of giving birth wears on our body. And though most of us would not trade the joy of raising children for the body we once had, we are constantly in search of treatments that will restore our physical being to the way we were prior to giving child birth and aging.  ThermiVa is offered by Doctor Slater in Buckhead Atlanta, Warner Robins and Savannah. Doctor Slater is a board certified OBGYN and has practice experience of 30 years. He became board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine to optimize quality of life for female and male patients while growing old.

ThermiVa for Female Rejuvenation in Atlanta

ThermiVa, the pain-free non-surgical female rejuvenation treatment!

How can Thermiva help?

During childbirth, your vaginal tissues overstretch, damaging the collagen and creating a look and feeling of looseness. This is obvious especially around the vaginal opening. Other post-baby challenges can include urinary leakage, which is extra annoying. Oh and there is often a decreased feeling of sensation and lack of orgasmic function during intercourse. An all-around bummer when it comes to intimacy. Marriage issues occur, because both parties feel inadequate and the male often feels rejected. Menopause and other hormone deficiencies can trigger the same issues.

Labiaplasty (surgery) or medication with unwanted side effects were once our only solution. 

Leave it to the Kardashians to endorse the groundbreaking FDA-approved lunchtime treatment called ThermiVa, often referred to as a “vaginal face lift” or even a vaginal laser. ThermiVa is not a Vaginal Laser.  ABC News makes mentions about this highly effective, non-surgical therapy, since Dr. Slater is one of the few medical practices in the area to offer it (and we couldn’t be more excited!), we invite you to talk to us about ThermiVa

Using thermal energy to gently heat both internal and external vaginal tissues, ThermiVa rejuvenates collagen quickly and comfortably.

Comfortable is not a word we usually associate with intimate treatments (have you ever heard of a comfortable bikini wax?), yet comfortable and painless are recurring adjectives used by our patients to describe this potentially life-changing treatment, which uses a thin wand-type applicator to tighten the exterior and interior vaginal tissue.


The ThermiVa Wand and it’s Magical Benefits

Here are some of the magical benefits of the ThermiVa wand:
Improved Vaginal Tightness: If you have had multiple children via vaginal delivery or a particularly strenuous childbirth, chances are you are dealing with a looser vaginal opening or less-than-perfect looking labia. ThermiVa helps tighten both internal and external vaginal tissue by signaling your body to rebuild its own collagen.
Enhanced Vaginal Appearance: ThermiVa helps tighten the labia and restore the vagina to its youthful self. The tissue is usually smoother, softer and pinker. All of this leads to our patients reporting a prettier, younger looking vagina—often immediately after receiving their first treatment!
Increased Vaginal Moisture: Whether you are dealing with vaginal dryness because of childbirth, aging or menopause, ThermiVa patients have reported increased vaginal moisture production, sensation and comfort before, during and after sex.
Decreased Urinary Incontinence: If you love to laugh or hate to sneeze or cough because of unexpected urinary leakage, the tissue repair resulting from ThermiVa treatments can be truly liberating.
Enhanced Sexual Pleasure: Most patients find sex much more satisfying, even after their first ThermiVa treatment. Some patients even report they are now able to have multiple orgasms, a true relationship changer.
So reclaim your younger body. Defy your age. Restore your self-esteem. Revive your relationship. All with a wave of the wand.

To see what ThermiVa can do for you, book your first treatments now and save!
SAVE $200 when you buy a package of 4. 
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