ThermiVa for Vaginal Rejuvenation

How Can You Have A “Better Sex Life” and limit urinary stress incontinence:  Get Your Sexy Back!


Dr. Monte Slater is double board certified as an OBGYN and Anti Aging & Regenerative Medicine Physician and has practiced successfully  for 28 years. Now in 3 Locations. Atlanta, Warner Robins and Savannah.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Reclaim your sexual health. Restore your well-being. Revive your relationships.

Ladies, let me ask you something? What is your sex life like?  Are you experiencing painful intercourse? Or perhaps you pee when you laugh or cough?  Or just general pain down there?  And if you have all three, well then ladies that is the trifecta of charming changes we can experience in our bodies.  Yay for womanhood! I can tell you, that both and all of these scenarios are no fun. Ok, so let’s forget the faux pas that tells us that we need to stay silent, because ladies, I am not ready to wear a diaper. And I don’t have to!

As we age we (women) experience a decline in the youthfulness and functionality of our vaginas.  We see laxity and decline in sexual satisfaction, possibly orgasmic dysfunction, dryness and muscle atrophy; so why did I do all those kegels while I walked around the  grocery store? All of these problems can lead up to sexual aversion.  Sorry honey, not tonight.

Other things that we experience as women; as if our birthing years were not enough, urinary leakage and pelvic prolapse.  Pelvic prolapse is when our bladder sinks down and pushes on our vaginal walls.  This is painful, think of a bladder infection, painful and uncomfortable.  Often times pelvic prolapse is associated with childbirth, during childbirth our vaginal wall get stretched and now we can’t laugh without peeing a little. I ask womankind to say “No more”! It’s 2015 and there is a solution to our problems! You can restore your lady parts back to their youthfulness, and say goodbye to adult diapers and bulky pads and hello to sexy panties.

What is ThermiVa?  ThermiVa is a non-surgical, safe, effective, and painless way to snap your parts back into shape.  ThermiVa is the first and only non-surgical tool that uses temperature controlled radiofrequency to rebuild collagen elasticity.  It has been proven in multiple medial clinical studies that the device produces real results.  Thermi, a woman’s wellness company created the treatment whose sole purpose is to reclaim, restore and revive.

What does this mean for you?  Better sex life, life-changing daily routines and transformational results.  At Slater Aesthetic and Center for Anti-Aging, we are your partner in aiding you to take back your sex life.  The non-surgical procedure takes only a few minutes and is painless.  We will have you out the door, and you can have sex with your loved one the same day.

Read this patient testimonial:

“I have now finished all 3 of my ThermiVa treatments and still in awe of the results I have gotten.  I can’t believe this has happened to me without the need for surgery and with treatments that were comfortable, felt actually good, and were relaxing.  And having absolutely no downtime was great.  I could have sex the same day as the treatment, and had no blisters, burns or complications.”

Click here to see actual patients success. (Warning explicit pictures must be 18 years or older to view!)

I ask you this ladies, are you ready to take back your sex life?  Do you want to say goodbye to adult diapers and incontinence?  Well then say hello to ThermiVa.  Call Dr. Salter today at (770) 777-7707 if you’re in the Atlanta area or (478) 225-2379 if you’re in Warner Robins.  Click here to start your rejuvenation today.