America’s Top Beauty Treatments


We researched the latest Beauty News and chose 4 of America’s Top Beauty Treatments

America’s Top Beauty Treatments included Top Non-Surgical Choices for Face & Body Rejuvenation – No Downtime Treatments 

America’s Top Beauty Treatments - Read all about it


America’s Top Beauty Treatments for Facial & Body Rejuvenation – Injectables

#1 Dysport & Botox Injectables are on Top of the List Whatever YOUR preference is, Physicians all over the Country are offering Dysport & Botox to get rid of frown lines & Crowsfeet 

#2 Dermal Fillers to Turn Back the Clock and Volumize! Dermal Fillers (HA Fillers) such as Restylane L, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Refyne and Defyne, Restylane Silk for Lips, and Sculptra the (Not an HA-based injectable) are keeping Americans looking young. 

Top Beauty Treatments


But wait, injectables and  Injectors are not created equally! How do you decide who to choose when it comes to injectables? 

Tip – Research your physician of choice

How many years of experience does your physician have?  

Dr. Slater has 30 years of experience as a medical doctor.

Is Your physician Board Certified? 

Dr. Slater is a double board-certified physician.

Does your physician offer SAFE injectables that are purchased locally? 

Dr. Slater purchases his products right here in Georgia through his local Galderma and Allergan representative. Sign up for your Aspire “Rewards” today and RECEIVE instant rebates and discounts. 

*Look for Galderma and Allergan products purchased in the USA. Galderma products offer rewards through Aspire Rewards and Allergan through Brilliant Distinctions.

Top Beauty Treatments also included an up-swing in Microneedling Treatments and as of late even include the combination of RF (Radiofrequency) for skin tightening at the same time. 
Treatments cost under $1000 per session. 
#3 Microneedling and Microneedling RF Treatments – African American Women & Men can now be treated without the risk of Hyperpigmentation! 
Top Beauty Treatments include Vivace RF - Rejuvenate Your Skin Vivace RF Skin Treatments For All Skin Tones

TOP Beauty Treatments and  Aesthetic Trends for FACIAL REJUVENATION
 Microneedling and Microneedling Treatments with Radiofrequency 

Yes, the Hype is over Facial and even Body Rejuvenation with the help of tiny needles. The latest option includes the combination of Radiofrequency and Microneedling Treatments with FDA cleared devices such as the VivaceRF

What do these Treatments achieve? 

Microneedling Treatments are known to rejuvenate the skin and are now included in beauty regimens in Medical Spas across the country. 

  1. Reduce Pore size 
  2. Reduce Wrinkles 
  3. Can be performed on all Skin Tones 
  4. Reduce Scars (acne scars)
  5. Reduce Hyperpigmentation 
  6. Increase Collagen Production 

What are the Benefits of adding
Radiofrequency to the Microneedling process?  

  5. GREAT RESULTS WITHIN 2-3  Sessions 


#4 Top Beauty Treatments include Sculptra Injectable To Volumize, Lift and Tighten the Buttocks! 

If you have been pondering about getting a little boost in your Derrière but do not have enough fat for the Brazilian Butt Lift, or have no time for surgery, we have the Solution!  Medically SAFE Buttocks Injections for Volume, Lift, Tighten Skin & Reduce Visible Dimples.

Sculptra has been used for Facial and Hand Rejuvenation for years, but the latest trend according to includes Sculptra Butt Lifts. Dr. Slater has been performing Sculptra Butt lifts for the last year and has achieved amazing results with his patients. How long does it last? Dr. Slater says, that if injected properly with enough product and follow up treatments, it can last up to 5 years. Of course, the results also depend on the patient’s age and how much product is being used. Results are never guaranteed and vary from patient to patient. View our gallery for more photos. 

Real patient – Before and After Sculptra Injections – Copyright Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic

No Surgery – No Downtime – 60 Minutes or less! 

Sculptra is ideal for patients that are too thin for Brazilian Butt Lift, or patients that simply do not want to have surgery! Average Cost is between $5000-$7500. 

There are many more trends for 2018-2019, and we are committed to sharing the latest in Aesthetics and Beauty Trends.
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